Were you looking for enerlly.com? You’ve found us! Enerlly is now CarbonMinus

Bridging Operational Excellence with Environmental Responsibility


CarbonMinus stands at the nexus of energy management and sustainable practice, empowering businesses to redefine success. 

Our Mission


We equip businesses to master their energy and resource dynamics, fostering a culture where profitability and environmental stewardship thrive together.


Through sustainable practice, we help elevate brand reputation, nurturing a sense of fulfillment and positive impact in the global eco-sphere.

Profitability with
a Purpose

Envisioning a realm where operational efficiency and green initiatives are the twin engines propelling your business forward.

The CarbonMinus Team

Meet our passionate team, dedicated to pioneering a sustainable, energy-efficient future for all businesses.

Our Team

Ashok Ranadive
Ashok Ranadive

Chief Executive Officer

Hi, I’m Ashok.

My journey began with the Indian Navy, where I led talented engineers and scientists to develop and deploy cutting-edge technologies as a Commander. My journey continued at Google, where I spent 12 years, leading global teams in program management and professional services across multiple geographies, including India, Southeast Asia, and the United States.

Subsequently, I joined a Web 3.0 Blockchain Layer 1 startup to spearhead their partnerships, professional services and program management efforts.

My driving passion is to address sustainability and environmental challenges using technology as a key enabler and I’m excited to continue this mission towards a greener future here at CarbonMinus.

Outside of work, I love playing chess, learning Indian classical music, and reading, and I am an avid traveller, constantly seeking new experiences and insights.

Hi, I’m Vikram.

My journey as a social entrepreneur has been focused on sustainable solutions, transforming old industries with cutting-edge technology. Enriched by a diverse background in finance, mechatronics, and electric vehicles, my adventure began at Maxwatt Turbines (now MAN Turbines), fueling a passion for innovation. The journey continued through leadership roles at Makersan, EDI (now part of Cummins), and e-Traction & Saietta, each experience strengthening and diversifying my resolve.

My recent venture breathed new life into a historic Belgaum foundry, reducing carbon footprints and boosting local employment. Now at CarbonMinus, I’m weaving my expertise to further sustainability and technology.

When the day’s work is done, you’ll find me exploring new trails with my trusty golden retriever, Max, or cherishing family moments that keep the fire of transformation burning bright.

Vikram Kalaskar

Chief Operating Officer

Vikram Kalasker
Nilesh Shedge

Chief Technology Officer

Hi, I’m Nilesh.

My journey began as a BEE Certified Energy Auditor, leading to spearheading research projects at TERI. Now at CarbonMinus, I’m channelling my expertise towards sustainable solutions.

Beyond work, my love for books spans from Philosophy to Science, often leading to deep, enriching conversations about sustainability.

It’s over cups of ‘Masala Chai’ that many of these discussions unfold, each one propelling my dedication to making a tangible impact on our environment through the work we do at CarbonMinus.

Hi, I’m Sucheta.

My tech adventure began in the engineering realms of Microsoft, leading to pivotal roles at global giants like Samsung, Qualcomm, and Vodafone. With a knack for bridging technical intricacies and user experiences, I’ve navigated projects across Mobility, Connectivity, Backhaul, Embedded Systems, IT, IoT, and the Telecom wireless ecosystem and more.

Now at CarbonMinus, my third startup voyage, I’m steering the digital transformation wheel towards AI, IoT, and Smart Cities. It’s not just about tech, but crafting solutions that resonate.

A proud founder of WiMLDS Pune and a fellow at change.org, my mission is to keep pushing the tech envelope while fostering a socially impactful ethos.

Sucheta G Dhere

Chief Strategy Officer

Hello! I’m Ganesh.

Passionate about technology, I specialize in backend and automation, having honed my skills with an MTech in Embedded Systems from BITS Pilani. My forte lies in Python Django and mastering the intricacies of AWS.

I’ve always been excited about experimenting with new tech avenues, from the nuances of DevOps automation to the vast expanse of Terraform. Currently, with CarbonMinus, I am blending my drive for innovation with the mission of sustainability.

Here, I aim to shape a future where technology and environmental responsibility coexist seamlessly.

Ganesh Gole

Tech Lead

Ganesh Gole
Anant Damle
Anant Damle

Technological Advisor

Hi, I’m Anant.

I am the Head of Solutions Architects for Japan, Asia & China at Google Cloud. My expertise lies in data and analytics, and I collaborate closely with both product teams and customers to ensure they leverage the full potential of Google Cloud technology.

With over a decade of experience, I’ve predominantly focused on software engineering and product design, particularly in the realm of advanced analytics, advertising, and measurement solutions.

During my free time, I enjoy offering guidance to startups on how to scale their products using cloud technology and mentoring them in developing planet-scale services.


Coumara Radja

Coumara Radja


Abhay Joshi

Abhay Joshi


RAdm A George,NM (Retd)

RAdm A George,NM (Retd)


Lalit Valecha

Lalit Valecha




Legal Advisor

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